Kara Sánchez is your go-to girl for on-location bridal hair and makeup in Austin, Texas. My goal is to transform you, teach you, and empower you to make beauty and design an everyday occasion.  With an inside-out approach, I offer a variety of personalized services such as makeup lessons and eyebrow perfecting. 

For your extra-special occasions, I will create the beauty you envision to help you feel your very best. Specializing in bridal beauty, event makeup and brow shaping, my attention to detail and extensive experience enhances your inner beauty and personal style.  

I started in the cosmetic industry at 14 when I did my first 'paid' wedding in my hometown of Novi, MI. That's when I knew I had been bit by the makeup bug so I harassed my local MAC counter until they agreed to hire me. Over the next seven years with them I soaked up as many certifications that they offered (bridal, fashion show, HD makeup, contouring, to name a few) while getting my BA at College of Charleston, SC. I had struggled with acne myself and that motivated me to go back to school at FCNH in Orlando, FL to add Paramedical Esthetics to my resume. I always dreamt of starting a business where I could use my natural ability to create looks that instantly made people feel better about themselves. Over the next eight years, I focused on boosting clients' confidence, overhauling makeup bags, and making brides' dreams come true. Working with some of the biggest brand creators such as Laura Mercier and Anastasia Soare of Anastasia Beverly Hills has also expanded my celebrity clientele/portfolio. In 2016 I decided to take my brow game to another level and I made the investment to spend a week in Los Angeles to be certified by the best, Lindsey Ta, in microblading at MicrobladingLA. Coming from FL where wedding season is year round, I wasn't sure what to do with my downtime and began to explore my passion for interior design. Having the opportunity to make client's spaces as amazing as their hair and makeup on their wedding day is really just an extension of my esthetic. 

In 2014 I relocated to Austin, Texas where I fell in love with a Texan and on Christmas Day he, with the help of my beloved Pomeranian Maverick, proposed. As I look forward to marrying my best friend, I'm thrilled to offer customized beauty, spectacular brows and all the interior design help you can handle!  


Your appearance and your surroundings should make you feel amazing, happy and comfortable. No matter your age, gender, ethnicity, in my mind we are all equal and deserve to feel special. We all need guidance to unlock our full potential - let me do that for you!