"My goal is to transform you, teach you, and empower you to make feeling pretty an everyday occasion."

Hi! I’m Kara Sánchez Reed and I’m your go-to girl for all things beauty in Austin, Texas.
I just got married for the 1st time, (thought I’d say that up front because everyone asks since I’m 38 and he’s 42). Last year we planned a wedding, got puppy (Sofia), sold our house, bought a complete reno, started the DIY process over from the studs while we built out my beauty studio & launched it in May, and was gifted another puppy (Brix which makes 3 including the Maverick). I am now a bonafide plant lady with 54 indoor plants that I have kept alive to my Mom’s surprise-I challenge you to count them next time you’re over and yes, I am judging your eyebrows when we chat!
Our life is loaded and we wouldn’t have it any other way! I am grateful for a supportive champion of a husband and loving fur-family, (if you tune into my daily instastories, you’ll love them too), the challenging learning curve of the last year and a thriving brick & mortar with the kindest, most loyal clientele from all over the country.

”In this ever so changing industry, as a leader it is important to always be on the forefront of what is best for my clients so I hope you love my new space, what my international training experience brings and I can’t wait to see you there!” - Kara


Beauty Goals began at age 14 in Michigan and have continued for the last 25 years.
Harassed MAC until they hired me at 17, stayed 7 years. MAC Certified in Bridal, Fashion Show, HDTV, Contouring. BA in Communications, College of Charleston, SC. Paramedical Esthetician from FCNH, Orlando, Florida.
Business owner/Entrepreneur since 24.
Trainer for Laura Mercier & Anastasia. Celebrity clients under Anastasia Soare.
Certified Microblader/Trainer/Permanent Makeup Artist by Lindsey Ta of MicrobladingLA, Hoi Kwan of Hoi Tattoo Calgary, Rebecca Chung of Princess Brows Hong Kong, Elena Nikora of Amiea Germany and Suzé Styel of CherryInk South Africa.

My Philosophy 

Your appearance and your surroundings should make you feel amazing, happy and comfortable. No matter your age, gender, ethnicity, in my mind we are all equal and deserve to feel special. We all need guidance to unlock our full potential - let me do that for you!