+ How do I book my wedding date with Kara?

STEP1 Complete the short questionaire which will allow Kara to check availability and send you a customizable quote. STEP2 When you are ready, you'll place a $500 deposit to secure your date which will be deducted from your balance. PRO-TIP: Kara and her team book months (yes, months!) in advance. So don't delay!

+ Why is there a price difference for Kara vs Team Artists?

Simple, experience. Kara has been in the industry for 25 years, contuiously learning & teaching, has a hefty celebrity roster and has been published in several national and local magazines. Oh and has successfully accomplished primping 1030 brides as of 2018.

Keep in mind that everyone on the KSB Team has been trained by or assisted Kara so you can expect the best if you prefer to go with Team Artists. Lead Artists work with our brides only and support artists will be there to primp your wedding party and family.

+ What if I'm unsure how many services we'll need on my wedding day?

We book artists, time and supplies based on the number services we originally contracted. Once the contract is signed services can only be added not taken away as your artists have been reserved for your date. We do our best to add services on the day of but there are no guarantees since it is not on the schedule. There is a possibility we will have to say “no” if you wait to add services. PRO-TIP: It can put brides and artists in a tough position when grandma, the best man’s girlfriend, or your new MIL sees the bridal party looking gorgeous and decide they want to get dolled up, too. Our advice is to be very clear with all the ladies in your family (and your fiancee’s!) that hair and makeup services are booked far in advance, and even a “quick touch up” for Aunt Betty will take time and focus away from the bridal party.

+ Do you offer or recommend trial runs?

Most who hire Kara do not feel a trial is necessary but it is available if they wish to book. We feel a trial is key, when using a Team Artist, to a bride’s confidence on her wedding day, however out-of-town brides or those not wanting to have a physical trial, they have the option of a Skype/FaceTime Consultation with Kara. PRO-TIP: Make the most of your trial! We suggest setting up your trial appointment before your engagement or bridal photos, bridal shower, or other special event! Trials are done in studio Monday - Thursday. If you're looking to book your trial Fri-Sun there is an additional fee of $200 plus travel. Weekends are reserved for weddings! Within 30 days if the desired weekend date and artist is available, it can be booked for $200 plus travel.

+ Where is Kara?

Kara and her team work on-location for weddings and commercial photo shoots. Bridal trials, makeovers, lessons, brow shaping & microblading appointments take place at the studio located in Brodie Oaks Plaza 4021 S Capital of Texas Highway, Suite B, Austin, TX 78704 (between SAS Shoes & Edward Jones)

+ How do I prepare for my appointment?

Please arrive with a clean face, no mascara dry hair. Please wash and dry your hair the night before your appointment or morning of. PRO-TIP: Our services are intended to relax! Please feel free to bring your own music, your bunny slippers, a favorite herbal tea ... whatever will make you feel comfortable. And please remember to eat!

+ Do services include false lashes?

Oh gosh yes! The cost of makeup application always includes false lashes and because Kara is eyebrow obsessed, all beauty services booked with Kara come with a brow touch up shaping at no additional charge! Kara is the only licensed esthetician & provides brow services

+ Do you prefer 'day old hair'?

We actually ask that everyone recieving services has freshly washed and completely dry hair. We have and will refuse service if hair is dirty or unsanitary. If the hair is wet, the client will need to blow dry it before her service can begin. We ONLY offer dry styling so artists do not stock a hair dryer. It is important to plan accordingly so that your schedule stays on time. If an artist is asked to dry and then style a clients hair, a fee of $45 applies and must be paid to the artist.

+ What about extensions?

If your style needs extensions, we can custom create them for you. Our extensions are made by hand and require 3 weeks to complete. If you provide your own and they are clean and in good shape we can most likely use those if they match your color.

+ How long will my appointment last?

30-60 minutes per service depending on complexity of the service.

+ Can my bridal party pay seperately, or in cash the day of?

They can absolutely pay you individually or pay you cash the day of the wedding however we require a deposit of $500 and full payment at least 6 weeks prior. We do not accept payment on the wedding day unless it is for additional services that were not part of the original contract or gratuity.

+ Do you offer discounts for large bridal parties?

We maximize your value and keep costs down by offering hair and makeup services as a package, and by not charging extra for a la carte items like lashes or hair extension application. We do offer a $25 Gift Card to anyone you refer for microblading!

+ What's the best way to contact you?

The most efficient way for us to connect is to email Weddings@KaraSanchez.com or call us at the studio 737.802.3199. Emails & calls are replied to Monday - Friday

1: 1: https://www.google.com/maps/place/4021+S+Capital+of+Texas+Hwy,+Austin,+TX+78704/@30.2368158,-97.7980684,17z/data=!3m1!5s0x865b4b25348a3e01:0x7edf0a3aa6b1a965!4m13!1m7!3m6!1s0x865b4b3acd10eb81:0x9ed246a80af01679!2s4021+S+Capital+of+Texas+Hwy,+Austin,+TX+78704!3b1!8m2!3d30.2370429!4d-97.7950321!3m4!1s0x865b4b253455b4db:0x1a94c74f2f2de262!8m2!3d30.2384113!4d-97.7975408

4021 S Capitol of Texas Highway Suite B Austin, TX 78704