Erin O'Connell's Kissimmee Wedding

Today I had the pleasure of doing hair and makeup for Miss Erin O'Connell. Though the day started off with a minor catastrophe that was out of both our control, Erin stayed really calm - no freakouts here and I reassured her that no matter what, the wedding would still happen on time and she should enjoy the beauty part of her day as it is usually the most relaxing. She was surrounding by several wonderful bridesmaids which helped her stay worry free. Most of the girls, including the bride, opted for updos to keep their necks cool in our 100 degree Florida heat. Smart choice for any bridal party this time of year. Erin didn't put stipulations on the girls hair or makeup so I suggested a modified 'Lauren Conradesque' braid for the first bridesmaid with the hair romantically gathered in the back... Before I even came close to finishing the first look, each one of the bridesmaids liked it so much that they all decided to deviate from their original idea and go with a version of Kristen's, each modified to suit their individual face shapes, of course.

As we checked each girl off the list, my bride stayed so relaxed that it was apparent that she was really enjoying the whole experience. When it came time for her she told me that she had full confidence in me and that she trusted my judgment which means the world to me on such an important day. I made a few minor adjustments from the original trial look and her hair and makeup turned out even better than either of us thought possible. Needless to say it was another wonderful wedding and I wish all of my brides were as relaxed as Erin because it really makes their experience that much better with any artist they are working with.

Thank you to everyone involved today! I had a great time with all of the girls and have a feeling I made some new friends in the process.