Rainiest Wedding Weekend in History!

This weekend I had several weddings to do on the Gulf Coast and unfortunately every single one had to battle rain on their big day. The first photo is from Alexandra's wedding. She got married on a farm in her mother's wedding gown. Her hair was really, really long and shiny and actually the examples she showed me were ones that she found on my own website which was nice because it was my work that she loved, not some photo she found in a magazine. She was a sweetheart and very simple bride so it was wonderful for me to get to make her feel special.

The next few photos were from a wedding that took place at the Don CeSAR in St. Pete Beach where I did hair for the bridesmaids. What a sweet group of gals... Most of them were inspired by Jessica Alba hairstyles which is always fun to recreate. The reoccurring request was to have their hair off of their necks because of the heat and off of their faces due to the winds... mission accomplished.