Cosmetic Explosion

I hate to admit it to you but I am a recent victim of a cosmetic explosion :/  That's right... as much care and attention I give to my packing details and in a hurry I must have missed two vital steps which resulting in my hotel bathroom looking like this... Cosmetic Explosion

Moments after checking in.  I typically travel weekly or bi-weekly which means I regularly check all my lids to make sure they are tight at the same time as filling all my travel sizes however, this time I must have gotten a bit slack and I didn't double check my Clarins Instant Boost Self Tanner.  During my flight nearly half the bottle leaked all through my skincare travel bag.  Ok, I know, that stinks right?  Well it gets worse - enter Culprit #2 Jouer Primer which burst in an entirely separate bag, my cosmetic case.

the culprits

Now I take full responsibility for the Clarins product since I should have taken the extra second to tighten the cap but the Jouer product?!? That was just a fluke and to boot, it was brand spanking new!  As you can see the only way I could get the primer home was to wrap it up in a spare latex glove I had along in case I felt the urge to fake tan.

LESSON: No matter if you are in a hurry or an expert packer like myself, check and recheck your containers before you travel unless you want to spend your few free hours in a new city taking your travel bags apart bit by bit, washing everything in the tiny hotel sink and creating a mountain of towels for housekeeping before even touching the shower.