ARTiST SPOTLiGHT - Darlina Conto

Fabulous Faces Studios was recently asked to participate in an Artist Spotlight for Jaclyn Fraser at At Last Weddings and I thought it was such an amazing idea, I decided to highlight some of the wonderful artists that work with me.

Our first Artist Spotlight is with Darlina Conto, a talented hair and makeup artist and colleague.

Darlina is one of my Lead Artists and over the years of working together, I am honored to call her my friend. Below is a little interview we did and some spectacular images from her portfolio...

FFS: How did you get started in the hair and makeup industry?
DC: I got started in the business of making people beautiful in Los Angeles, California. I loved applying makeup and found that it could make me money!

FFS: What outlet did you gain your experience?
DC: Most of my experience in makeup and hair is from working in the entertainment industry in Los Angeles. My career was intense and I rose quickly from assisting to being a key artist in film and commercials.

FFS: In your opinion, what sets you apart from your competition?
DC: I think there are many great artists out there, but what sets anyone apart from the next person is their attitude and personality. I love being around people and I have a great deal of passion and respect for the creative process so I am a ball of light whenever I am part of a project. I think that is what people pick up on and keeps me being hired.

FFS: What do you consider to be your greatest achievement so far?
DC: My greatest achievement so far is just being able to do what I like to do and support myself doing it.

FFS: As a fellow artist I know I've gotten some interesting requests over throughout my career, what is the craziest request that you have been asked?
DC: The craziest requests are usually requests to look like a certain supermodel when the person hasn't any features remotely close to the model they aspire to look like.

FFS: What do you get asked most frequently?
DC: I get this question every single time: "What makeup do you use?" And my answer is that I use all kinds...whatever product gets the job done well.

FFS: What is the biggest trend in makeup right now?
DC: The biggest trend right now, and it will continue indefinitely, is getting skin to look natural and flawless.

FFS: What advice could you offer to brides and others that are looking for an artist for their special day?
DC: If you are looking for a professional makeup artist, please review samples of their work and if you can, have a trial run with them before hiring them for a job.

FFS: What brand(s) can be found in your kit?
DC: My favorite brand is MAC. MAC has a lot of wonderful products and has never really let me down. I use other brands, of course, but MAC is pretty good across the board.

FFS: There is a lot of hype about airbrush makeup right now, what is your take on it?
DC: I like applying airbrush makeup and I find that it is beautiful on camera because I am aiming for heavier coverage while trying to maintain a natural look. As for brides, I find I can create a beautiful look on the bride with or without airbrush, so it becomes a matter of personal preference.

FFS: What are some of your all time favorite products?
DC: Top 5 Darlina picks: Cinema Secrets foundation/YSL Mascara/YSL Touche Eclat/Kinerase Peptide Lotion/MAC eyeshadows.

How can people contact you?

Darlina Conto
Tampa Beauty Group