How to De-Pot Your MAC Eye Shadow & Blush

Tools You’ll Need:
1. Toaster Oven with a sheet of Aluminum Foil
2. Butter Knife, Xacto Blade & Scissors
3. Rubbing Alcohol
4. Q-tips or Cotton Swabs
5. Paper Towel & Baby Wipes
6. Magnetic Sheet (found at JoAnn Fabrics or Michael’s)
7. MAC Pro Pallet

Now you’re ready to begin!
1. Slide your blade in between the small slit in your MAC case once you’ve
opened the lid. This will pop out the shadow and small case around it.
2. Place up to 5 shadows on a sheet of aluminum foil in the toaster oven and
bake for 3-5 minutes on 300 degrees.
*If you put more than 5 at a time you will not be able to complete the step before the glue starts to adhere again.
3. Most of the pans will pop out of the plastic cases on their own because of
the heat but if they don’t you just take your knife and carefully lift the
pan out. The plastic won’t be ridiculously hot but the metal pan is so be
CAREFUL not to burn yourself.
4. Once the pans cool, clean the bottoms with the rubbing alcohol to remove the
5. Cut small squares or circles out of the magnetic sheet and place them on the
bottom of each clean pan of shadow.
6. Carefully remove each label and place it on the bottom of the shadow (on top
of the magnet).
7. Take your butter knife and wedge it in between the center open space of your
Pro Pallet to pop out the spacer (you only have to do this step if you want
to fit more shadows in each one).
8. You’re DONE! Now just place them in whatever order makes you happy and
instead of fitting 15 shadows in the pallet you can now fit 22!

Remember to SAVE all of your plastic MAC containers for the Back to MAC recycle program where you can return 6 for a free lipstick at any MAC counter OR return 6 to any Pro store and chose a lip color, shadow or a few other products of the same price.