How to make the most out of a makeover

As some of you may know, in addition to running my company Fabulous Faces Studios, I also am a Regional Artist for Laura Mercier Cosmetics in which I get the opportunity to travel to department stores all over the state and do makeovers and makeunders on a diverse clientele. I usually have about 30-45 minutes with each face and within that time I need to teach the techniques I’m using, find out what their makeup style is and which products will compliment your lifestyle and most importantly, make my lady look gorgeous! My advice to you in navigating the department store cosmetic counter is do a little research first to decide which line you would like to go with, then call the counter to find out what the purchase requirements are for the appointment. Then take a look at your brushes and makeup bag and make a list of what items you need, which will keep you from over spending on things you don’t need and from duplicating items that you already have. Oh, on a fun note, it doesn’t hurt to ask if there is a gift with purchase because sometimes there are gifts left over from events and you just might be able to nab a little freebie!

When you meet with the artist, let her know what you’re looking in terms of what prompted you to make the appointment and what your expectations are. Most importantly let your artist know what your budget is because that will cut down on the ‘hard sell’ tactics and let you both focus on your time together.

Most professional makeup lines will offer you a Step-by-Step Face Chart for you to take with you and use as a guide to replicate what you worked on during the appointment. If one is not offered, don't be afraid to ask the artist to demonstrate his/her technique again for the products that you are purchasing.

Follow this tips and you will get the most out of your appointment with your favorite cosmetic brand! Enjoy!