Is it just me or doesn’t anyone clean out their makeup bags anymore?!?

I have frankly lost count on the Makeup Bag Makeovers I have done for ladies who’s makeup bags are a dirty mess and I spend more than 30 minutes of our scheduled appointment cleaning each item so that we can begin to see what needs to stay and what needs to go. I am really surprised that women don’t periodically clean out the inside of their freakin’ bags! YUCK! So here’s a few tips on keeping your bags a little cleanlier:

If it’s broken = PITCH IT! *the only exception is if the color can be easily removed you can always pop a magnet on the bottom and insert it into a MAC palette (see the blog on DePotting MAC eyeshadows)

If it’s old = PITCH IT! *especially mascara… it gets super dry and flaky and like wearing socks with holes in them… it doesn’t the job but barely.

Don’t take your entire makeup bag with you everyday because it not only puts the contents at risk of getting broken with all the shuffling around but also breeds bacteria if the bag is left in the hot car for more than an hour. Instead, pack a small zipper bag with your lip color, lip liner, touch up powder and possibly a bronzer. These are all the items you may need throughout the day to keep your look in tip-top shape! If you are using the right primers under your foundation and on your eyelids there is no reason that you would need shadow, concealor, etc... for retouching so that stuff should stay at home.

REMEMBER: A messy makeup bag = A messy and unpleasant adventure retrieving what you need!