Up and Coming Models Must Read

When you are new to the industry and trying to build your portfolio there are a few things that you should keep in mind before you arrive at a photoshoot that will help you maximize the time you have in front of the camera:

1. Make sure you hair is well maintained. If you have highlights, make sure they are fresh, if your hair is colored, don’t allow unsightly roots to show and most importantly make sure that your hair is clean and brushed before you sit in the artist’s chair. If your hair is dirty it will look really separated in the photos and limit what styles are able to be achieved.

2. Get your brows groomed, even if your look is a natural-big brow at least make sure that they are shaped, since you won’t want to have them overly waxed. If your makeup artist has to take the time to groom your brows than that’s less time he/she will get to spend on your makeup, jeopardizing your look and time in front of the camera.

3. Remember, your face is your money maker so your skin should be as clear as possible. As a model it is your job to make sure you present the best canvas possible and that takes effort every day. Get regular facials, at least as often as you get your hair cut and use the right products to keep acne and dry skin at bay.

4. Be open minded. Your hair/makeup artist, clothing stylist and photographer are all there to get you the perfect shot so take their advice and be open to trying new things. Obviously if there is something that makes you uncomfortable, don’t be afraid to speak up and say no but for example if you always wear your hair straight then be adventurous and try other styles to give your portfolio variety. Your versatility is going to make you more marketable to agents.

If you follow these suggestions and arrive at the photoshoot on time and makeup free you will have a great shoot. Good Luck!