TIPPING ETIQUETTE for Hair and Makeup Services

Wedding Day Hair and Makeup ‘TIPPING ETIQUETTE’

As much as I wrestled with whether or not to touch on this sometimes touchy subject, I concluded that poor or non-existent tipping is rooted lies with a not well informed bride so maybe this could be helpful in dealing with your future vendors.

I am very motivated to educate brides in the planning stages of their wedding since recently I executed another large service wedding (totaling over $1100 in hair and makeup services) and was over-the-moon that the bride and everyone in her party was thrilled at the results however sadly on the 3 hour drive home I excitedly opened my tip envelope to find $30. Grateful at the gesture as I am, I would be lying if I said I was super disappointed after all of my hard work in making her day as perfect and stress free as I could – not to mention all of the discounts I gave them in good faith.

Here’s a way to look at it that might seem more reasonable… You would never get your hair highlighted without tipping the stylist AND she didn’t even travel to you. When you dine out it isn’t a question about how much is appropriate to tip your server and I guarantee that the wedding DJ definitely was thanked monetarily for your appreciation… even your nail technician was rewarded so why would it be ok to skip the 1 person who’s artistry made you feel stunning on the biggest day of your life?

By all means if you were unhappy with your service you should NOT feel obligated to tip but it means the world to us artists that get to work with you on your big day and I’m just asking you to consider us the same as we are only here to serve you.

Excellent Service is 20% of $1100 = $220

Good Service is 15% of $1100 = $165

Satisfactory Service is 10% of $1100 = $110

$30 on $1100 = 2.73%

Please give me your feedback as this is a very important topic but often too difficult to discuss so I would love to know your thoughts.