Creating your color wardrobe

CREATE YOUR COLOR WARDROBE: make your makeup bag easy to navigate. This means pairing colors (eyes, cheeks & lips) that all complement each other.

INVEST IN GOOD SKINCARE: keep it simple but use quality items that are an ideal fit for what your skin needs. All you need is a cleanser, moisturizer and a treatment serum (if your moisturizer doesn’t have SPF then add one in).

KEEP IT PACKAGED SIMPLY AND NEATLY: many cosmetic lines sell palette style compacts ($10) that you can refill yourself OR custom made ones pre-packaged ($50-200) that will make it simple for you to create a polished look in a reasonable amount of time.

Tip: a good time to find amazing deals on prepackaged kits is around the holidays. I suggest cleaning your brushes thoroughly once a month and at the same time, clean out your makeup bag too! You can keep a spray brush cleaner on hand for daily maintenance but remember that doesn’t replace a good shampoo cleaning.