Wedding Day Hair Preparation

It is a misconception that the only thing you need to do in the year leading up to your wedding is ‘let your hair grow out’. In fact, if you love wearing your hair short or in a cute, stylish bob than why do you feel the need to grow your hair long for your wedding day? Shorter locks are adorable and unexpected on modern brides so don’t feel pressured to do what everyone else is doing. If you do have longer hair the following steps will ensure that your tresses will be gorgeous on your big day:

1. Look for a great stylist who is cognoscente of getting your hair in great condition in the months leading up to the wedding day.

2. Consider highlights! Even if you are apprehensive about highlights at least try subtle highlights because that will show up the detail in your bridal style whether you where it up or down.

3. After doing your hair trial take the photos to the stylist and he/she will be able to trim & highlight your hair in the best possible way for the style you’ve chosen to be it’s best.

4. Nothing is more beautiful than healthy shiny hair so condition, condition, condition BUT only up to the week before the wedding because you don’t want to over condition the day of your wedding style.

5. It’s NOT true that dirty hair makes for a better updo. In fact unless your hair is ridiculously dry you should wash it the morning of so that your hairline looks fresh instead of oily and separated.

Looking for a great stylist?

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