Have you been flipping through bridal hair magazines searching for the perfect wedding hairstyle? That’s great and I am sure the only trouble you think you will have is narrowing down your choices but the truth is you will probably will fall in love with a style in which the model is wearing a head full of extensions. This means that no matter what stylist you hire they may not be able to give you your dream look without the fullness of extensions.

Human hair extensions are readily available now and used on brides all of the time because they can look unbelievably natural when done properly. Fabulous Faces offers custom hair extensions for $200 and up and what sets us apart from other hair and makeup companies that also offer them is that we not only custom match your color but we cut them into a style that will flatter your current hair cut so that you can use them after the wedding too!

Don’t be afraid of extensions ladies… almost every celebrity on the red carpet uses them and whatever style you choose for your wedding day will only be enhanced by using them!