1. Tarte Lifted Eye Base which keeps my eye makeup on without creasing even on my longest and hottest days in the Florida weather.

2. MAC Brun eye shadow which I use in my brows everyday and have since I was 16 years old with the MAC 266 brush only!

3. Laura Mercier Secret Concealor set with the most incredible Secret Brightening Powder which makes my under eye area flawless until bedtime (and beyond some days).

4. My 2 favorite foundations are Nars Oil Free Matte in Fiji (winter) and St. Tropez (summer) and Laura Mercier Oil Free foundation in Sunny Beige.

5. Smashbox Light Photo Finish Primer… I have yet to find a better primer for my oily skin that does not aggravate breakouts and photographs beautifully.

6. Laura Mercier Black Violet eye liner lining on the inner rim of the lower tear line makes the whites of my eyes super bright and gives an intensity to my eyes that commands attention (that’s for dramatic days) and on my days off I usually reach for either Bountiful Brown or Bordeauxline by MAC which are completely water proof and stay all day with or without an eye primer.

7. MASCARA, MASCARA, MASCARA… this is a very personal choice and it takes a long time to find the perfect one but after many tries I have found my perfect pair. I use Laura Mercier Long Lash on my days off or when I want a very natural mascara look and for more dramatic eyes I use Tarte Lights, Camera, Action BUT I have recently tried the NEW Laura Mercier Full Blown mascara and it may give Tarte a run for it’s money!

8. It’s no secret… I love my lipgloss… I literally have hundreds (don’t judge) so I can only tell you my favorite brands: Chanel, MAC, Dior, Georgio Armani & CO Bigelow Peppermint Balm.

9. For bronzer I have my all time favorite stand by Hoola Bronze which I have used for over 6 years but I recently tried Kat Von D’s shimmer bronzer and although it is not enough color to use on most days alone, I do like to sweep it lightly over my Hoola Bronzer or use it in place of blush.

10. Which brings me to blush, my 2 favorite colors that I use regularly are Mata Hari and Orgasm by NARS… you can’t beat them, I promise you 

11. Eye Shadows, there are too many to have just one favorite or even 5 so I’ll give you the ones that I find I feel sexiest when I use them: Laura Mercier Deep Night (wonderful for smoky eyes and recreating the famous Kardashian eye), MAC Copperplate which is a beautiful soft dove gray and I wear it usually when I’m wearing something really feminine or pearls, Corfu from NARS which is a cream shadow that looks subtly sparkly and looks great for a Boheimian look, MAC Sumptuous Olive with Fig1 in the crease brings out the green in my eyes and doesn’t look like 2 colors that you’d think of putting together but they work great! I also rarely use mineral shadows because I think they are messy and hard to travel with but 3 colors that I like from Bare Essentials are Queen Tiffany, Gold and Sanctuary (which I only bought because the proceeds went to help the rainforest but it turns out I really liked it). Diamond Lil by Stila is a gorgeous diamond like gray that makes a great smoky eye too. I also use Kid by MAC a lot to start a smoky eye or in the crease for a more retro, pin up style eye with bold liner. See… there’s a lot and that is only a small fraction of the ones I use regularly. I try to do a different look with completely different colors every single day because it challenges me and makes me want come up with a different combination that I can use on my clients too. Oh and I also love Atlantic Blue over white chomaliner by MAC (it makes it super bright). Ok, that’s it for this round.

12. Last but not least is my ALL TIME FAVORITE lip liner – Subculture by MAC because it is so close to my natural lip color and I can wear it with a clear lip balm or under any gloss I choose.