So yesterday I saw 3, yes, that’s right THREE women in various areas of Orlando wearing the unthinkable… A SCRUNCHIE! That prompted me to post it on facebook and was surprised at the responses I got - so for you ladies… I decided to blog about it.

It is 2010 and thankfully almost every hair accessory company has come out with multiple ways to secure your hair in a fashionable and attractive way. Here are a few of my favorites:

So SCRUNCHIE wearers, you’re feeling a little defensive at my statement and that’s ok, I will try to give you solutions to all of your objections.

But Kara, won’t rubber bands cause breakage and damage my hair? Actually, it’s not the band that causes the damage it’s the metal piece that holds the band together that causes breakage but luckily companies have done their research and you will rarely find those types of bands in stores anymore.

Well rubber bands put a crease in my hair so that’s why I prefer a SCRUNCHIE? You are correct, it happens to me too so I typically only use a rubber band the day I plan to wash my hair. On other days, if I must pull my hair back I choose the new spiral bobby pin which holds my hair securely without leaving an ugly crease behind (or you can use 3-5 bobby pins and you will have the same affect for about .03 cents).

But I have a drawer full of SCRUNCHIES… what do I do with them? THROW THEM OUT! Definitely don’t add them to your Goodwill donation pile… we don’t need to see homeless women rockin’ the either!

If you are still not convinced that you should move into the new millennium then I will list the criteria or loop holes, if you will, when it is in fact ok to wear

A. Do you put your feet on the dash of the car while you are a passenger or remove your shoes at a movie theater and rest them on the back of the seat in front of you? Since that is equally tacky, by all means… put the SCRUNCHIE in!
B. Do you own and wear banana clips for anything other than 80’s parties or Halloween? If you answered yes, wear on!
C. Do you live in North Dakota, Alaska or Upper Peninsula Michigan? Go ahead… no one cares what you look like up there anyway.

This blog was meant in fun, please don’t be offended but at the same time, please stop wearing the SCRUNCHIES in public, at bedtime, to wash your face, on the boat, at the beach… anywhere actually *wink*