Put the Powder Down!

Now I’m not saying that all powders are bad but I meet women and girls everyday that choose a powder foundation because it’s easy. Well… like most things in life, easy isn’t always the best route.

Young girls tend to choose powders because they can carry it with to reapply it obsessively all day long. This is bad for 2 reasons: Most powders contain high amounts of talc and other ingredients that don’t allow skin to breathe which causes acne and clogged pores. The second reason is that your skin will never look better or be more poreLESS than it does while you’re in your teens and early 20’s so please don’t cake it with powder and cover up the beautiful glow your skin has… that glow doesn’t last forever so show it off and be kind to it!!!

SOLUTION: Try a sheer oil control formula such as NARS oil free foundation or for a little drier skins you can try a tinted moisturizer like Laura Mercier Tinted SPF15 formula.

Now, for my ladies just past their 30’s and beyond, I hear you too that you resort to powder as foundation because you don’t have time and I just going to have to call you out on that because liquid foundation DOES NOT take any longer than a powder application! Not to mention a great liquid foundation will last up to 3 times as long as a powder formula so it is also saving you $60 to $100 every 3 months!
Here’s why aging skin should not use a powder formula: first and foremost because always sets in the fine lines and wrinkles and seriously, who wants that?

SOLUTION: Try a moisturizing formula such as Laura Mercier Moisturizing Foundation applied with an egg shaped anti-microbial sponge OR if you would like a little less coverage, mix a Laura Mercier Illuminating Moisturizer with the Tinted Moisturizer for a sheer, dewy finish.