Makeup Bag Makeovers

Makeup Bag Makeovers is specifically designed to show women that THEY don't necessarily need a makeover but their makeup bags could use some help to let them show their true potential by utilizing what products they already have and in some cases suggesting a product that would make the MAC eyeshadow that you got talked into buying more than just a rad color that sits at the bottom of your bag. Who knows, you might have all the right tools and colors but you just need someone to help you with how to use it OR your makeup bag might truely suck (lol) and you desperately need my help to preform CPR on your routine. Whatever the case may be, before you get suckered in at another cosmetic counter buying gads of new products that you won't use, let me take a look and we might tweak it a skosh but I promise, no I gaurantee that it will be worth it!