Simple Nail Art Tutorial with Dotting Tool

Not all nail art has to be difficult and when you are just beginning you can create a variety of beautiful designs using a dotting tool.  This technique will also help you be more ambidextrous and confident using your less dominant hand. Final Nail Art

For this nail are you will need:

  • 3 sizes of dotting tools
  • French Manicure Guide Tape
  • Base & Top Coat
  • Favorite color of the moment
  • Aluminum foil to drop your polish to make your dots
  • Tweezers to apply & remove the guide tape
  • Nail polish corrector pen, brush or stick (I am using a stick this time)
  • Paper towel to clean your dotting tool in between steps

In this tutorial I am also trying out a new system as well.  I used the 2 Second Clean from Deborah Lippmann along with the Gel Lab Base & Top Coat.  Stay tuned for a review next week on how it lasted/wore.

After applying your desired base coat and letting it completely dry, use your tweezers to place the French Manicure Guide Tape.

Step 2 Nail Art

Next take the your color polish and paint two coats on the tips.  You must remove the guide tape rather quickly so I suggest doing this step completely on one hand before moving onto the other.

Step 3 Nail Art

Then you will take the largest ball of the dotting tool and start randomly stamping dots along the line of the polish.

Step 2.5 Close Up

You will continue to dot each row selecting a smaller dot each time.

Step 4 Nail Art

Lastly finish with a generous layer of your favorite top coat and put a tiny drop of a cuticle oil to complete your manicure.