Wedding Beauty Checklist

Wedding Feature Image It's that time of year again where many engagements happened over the holidays and depending on when you set the date, some of your beauty needs will need a few months of preparation so I have a comprehensive list for you to refer to as you move forward with the rest of your wedding planning.

Are you booking a professional hair and makeup artist for the big day?  If so, remember, the good ones book up quickly and you will want to have a contract with your artist 3-6 months before the wedding date.

Another necessary step that needs to happen 3 months before the wedding is a brow consult.  I would strongly recommend visiting your local Nordstrom Anastasia Brow Studio to get some guidance on the best shape for your face.  Since a hair cycle is typically 4-5 weeks, this guideline will allow you to have 3 appointments leading up to your wedding day, allowing for any grow out or correction necessary.

Are you planning to do a hair/makeup trial?  I suggest if your schedule allows, doing the trial the morning of your fitting, this way not only will you see how the hair and makeup look with your dress, you will also see how it photographs and how the hair and makeup wears through the day.  You're looking for everything to stay in tact for 8 hours minimum.  Keep in mind if you had both done at 11am and it doesn't last til midnight with all the dress trying on and running around, that's fine.  You need to look perfect for the photos and the wedding, anything beyond that is a bonus!

Wedding Makeup Styles

Lashes are another aspect that you should consider.  For close up photos, individuals are preferred because they appear far more natural then strips although they are a little more difficult and time consuming to apply but lashes (as well as brows) seem to look much weaker and sparse with professional photography flash and this will make it look like you have fluttery natural lashes in all of your photos.

Another factor to consider for close ups is your skin, now yes, you can pay your photographer to Photoshop your skin making it flawless but wouldn't you rather look flawless to your fiance, wedding guests and in your photos on your own?  This can be as simple as deep cleansing or hydrating facials 4-8 weeks before the wedding or laser work 3-6 months before.  Depending on your needs you can choose your route with your Esthetician or Dermatologist but either way, keep your routine simple, don't introduce any new products within the last 3 weeks and be sure to clean your skin well before bed and exfoliate regularly... this will ensure a natural glow not digitally enhanced.

Are you having bridesmaids?  The number one thing I hear is that after the cost of the dress, shoes, flights, hotels, etc., your girls' paying for their hair and makeup get 86'd.  My suggestion is consider letting them pay for their hair and you figure in their makeup into your wedding budget.  After all they are YOUR photos and YOUR album that you will have forever so it's more important than the 7 varieties of hors d'oeuvres that you are mulling over.

Wedding Party Beauty

Are you planning to spray tan?  You definitely should have a trial run with the tanner before the day so you can make sure you are hiring the best sprayer and you are happy with the quality and wear of the solution you choose.  St Tropez is amazing and I recommend it!

Wedding Hair & Tan

Will your dream hair style require extensions to achieve?  If so then you will want to order them after you have decided on your final hair color/cut for the wedding and in time for you to take them with you on your last hair appointment just to double check the shade.  If your wedding day hair professional is great at her craft, she will know before your trial whether you need extensions to achieve the look you're going for and if so, she may even have a sample set to use at your trial so you can see the full effect.

Are you opposed to highlights?  Highlights really enhance a hairstyle whether it is up or down and if you aren't willing to commit to permanent highlights, keep in mind you can use extensions in a lighter shade to give you temporary lightness for the day.

Manicures/Pedicures are essential and we all know that but I want to talk to you a little about shade selection.  If you are traditional then go with a pale pink shade like Essie Mademoiselle, Deborah Lippmann La Vie En Rose but steer clear of a french manicure.  It is very dated and you can do better.  If you are more edgy think outside the box and go with a lovely greige color like Essie Chinchilly, OPI Tickle My Francy or Metro Chic by OPI for Sephora.  If you are trendy then look at what's hot right now... is it red, bold pink or metallics?  Any of those will photograph well but stay away from super dark shades or nail art as it will be distracting in your photos.

Wedding Venue

Bobby Pins & Blush offers BROW SERVICES, MAKEUP, HAIR & SPRAY TANNING so please check our services listed on the homepage for details and if we did your wedding, please share your bridal hair and makeup photos with us on Instagram with #BobbyPinsandBlush


After 16 years in the field I have had the opportunity to work with countless other makeup artists and in doing so I have compiled a list of tips that will help you take your profession to the next level:

1. Always KEEP YOUR KIT CLEAN! In our business our brushes touch several faces in a day and there is no excuse to not be sanitizing them in between each client and giving them a complete washing when we finish a job. There are too many disorders that can be spread by a dirty brush - acne and pink eye, just to name a few, so in your clients best interest make it a habit of cleaning your brushes, sanitizing your lipsticks & liners, using disposable mascara wands and using alcohol on all of your containers periodically to make sure that your kit looks neat and is germ free at all times. Not to repeat myself but CLEANLINESS is KEY so keep the following items in your kit for your safety and your client’s. ALCOHOL, HAND SANITIZER, BRUSH CLEANER and DISTILLED WATER.

2. Stay on top of your game and USE THE NEWEST & BEST PRODUCTS on the market. If you are charging clients for applying makeup, you should be giving them the best available products. A few ways to stay on top of what’s new: stop by your local Sephora and ask the cast members what’s new and useful for the type of makeup you do, check the M.A.C website monthly to see what is new and exciting – chances are your clients will ask you about the most recent launch and it would be great if you could give them your insight on the latest products and lastly every year InStyle puts out their Best Of issue and it is safe to say that the majority of the products that win the coveted title should probably find their way into your kit.

3. Make it a point to UPDATE YOUR PICTURES in your portfolio every month. Whether you get prints of magazine work or have point-and-shoot snapshots, either way it will only make you look more professional to your clients for them to see a visual resume of your work.

4. USE MAGAZINES AS A SOURCE OF INSPIRATION and that doesn’t just mean other artist’s makeup work but also what inspires you? Flowers? Urban sky scapes? Asian artwork? Whatever tickles your fancy can be used for inspiration for your upcoming makeup jobs. Mimic color combinations that really got your attention or the strong/soft lines you love in a photo of the horizon… inspiration is everywhere!

5. BE HONEST ABOUT YOUR CAPABILITIES. This means if someone asks you if you do African American makeup and you have never been exposed to that complexion, say so because if you do a bad job and it is immortalized in a photo, you will have a bad referral and you would have single handedly ruined a very important day for your client. I’m not suggesting you shouldn’t challenge yourself to broaden your horizons but I am saying that you should practice on friends first so you can confidently do an amazing job!

ARTiST SPOTLiGHT - Darlina Conto

Fabulous Faces Studios was recently asked to participate in an Artist Spotlight for Jaclyn Fraser at At Last Weddings and I thought it was such an amazing idea, I decided to highlight some of the wonderful artists that work with me.

Our first Artist Spotlight is with Darlina Conto, a talented hair and makeup artist and colleague.

Darlina is one of my Lead Artists and over the years of working together, I am honored to call her my friend. Below is a little interview we did and some spectacular images from her portfolio...

FFS: How did you get started in the hair and makeup industry?
DC: I got started in the business of making people beautiful in Los Angeles, California. I loved applying makeup and found that it could make me money!

FFS: What outlet did you gain your experience?
DC: Most of my experience in makeup and hair is from working in the entertainment industry in Los Angeles. My career was intense and I rose quickly from assisting to being a key artist in film and commercials.

FFS: In your opinion, what sets you apart from your competition?
DC: I think there are many great artists out there, but what sets anyone apart from the next person is their attitude and personality. I love being around people and I have a great deal of passion and respect for the creative process so I am a ball of light whenever I am part of a project. I think that is what people pick up on and keeps me being hired.

FFS: What do you consider to be your greatest achievement so far?
DC: My greatest achievement so far is just being able to do what I like to do and support myself doing it.

FFS: As a fellow artist I know I've gotten some interesting requests over throughout my career, what is the craziest request that you have been asked?
DC: The craziest requests are usually requests to look like a certain supermodel when the person hasn't any features remotely close to the model they aspire to look like.

FFS: What do you get asked most frequently?
DC: I get this question every single time: "What makeup do you use?" And my answer is that I use all kinds...whatever product gets the job done well.

FFS: What is the biggest trend in makeup right now?
DC: The biggest trend right now, and it will continue indefinitely, is getting skin to look natural and flawless.

FFS: What advice could you offer to brides and others that are looking for an artist for their special day?
DC: If you are looking for a professional makeup artist, please review samples of their work and if you can, have a trial run with them before hiring them for a job.

FFS: What brand(s) can be found in your kit?
DC: My favorite brand is MAC. MAC has a lot of wonderful products and has never really let me down. I use other brands, of course, but MAC is pretty good across the board.

FFS: There is a lot of hype about airbrush makeup right now, what is your take on it?
DC: I like applying airbrush makeup and I find that it is beautiful on camera because I am aiming for heavier coverage while trying to maintain a natural look. As for brides, I find I can create a beautiful look on the bride with or without airbrush, so it becomes a matter of personal preference.

FFS: What are some of your all time favorite products?
DC: Top 5 Darlina picks: Cinema Secrets foundation/YSL Mascara/YSL Touche Eclat/Kinerase Peptide Lotion/MAC eyeshadows.

How can people contact you?

Darlina Conto
Tampa Beauty Group

Professional Makeup Lessons for Professionals!


I am blessed to have a wonderful team consisting of 9 artists and I hold high standards for the quality of makeup that Bobby Pins & Blush provides. I do work with my artists one-on-one periodically to teach them new tricks and share tips I have learned throughout my career.

Last year I began doing MAKEUP LESSONS FOR PROFESSIONALS which is something that most Makeup Artists would never consider doing since our industry is so competitive but I believe that if you have a talent treat it like a gift and share it! I think that if my peers turned out perfection each and every time than professional makeup artists wouldn’t get so much bad light.

What can you expect to learn? ANYTHING! You tell me what you want to work on. Some of the requests I’ve had in the past are: Bridal Makeup, Bridal Hair, Editorial Makeup, Smoky Eyes, Airbrush, etc… We will customize your lesson for your needs so just tell me what you want!

Regular Price $400 Special Pricing $200 when you book before 3/1/2011

Included: 2 hours of hands on time with me, exposure to countless high end hair and makeup products, List of products to add to your kit and photos to remember the key points of your lesson.