As a business owner giving back when you believe in something or want to pay it forward is extremely important (and it feels good too). These are a few of the charities I support. I encourage you to try it... and you might just get hooked giving back too!









Shriners Burn Center - Galveston

At Shriners Burn Center in Galveston, TX countless families visit and live at the hospital while their children are receiving the best burn care available and they are not monetarily responsible for this care up to the age of 18. Each February a foundation that Kara works with puts on a Valentine's Dance for all of the children who are unable to leave the hospital or go to dances at their schools due to the rigorous care they are under. Kara has worked with kids from all over the world in this program, many of which have undergone at least 18 surgeries in their short time since their accident. Kara volunteers each year providing hair and makeup for children attending the dance. She is the only vendor to return 4 years in a row and makes the 10 hour round trip drive every year to be apart of this amazing charity event. 


Nicole's Gift - Cancer Survivors

In honor of her best friend Nicole who passed away from Leukemia in 2011, Kara gives the gift of microblading to one cancer survivor each month. In 2017 she gifted 11 pairs of brows ($8,800) deserving women, empowering them in their journey of recovery and life after cancer.

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Hurricane Relief for Puerto Rico

In 2017 Puerto Rico was hit by Hurricane Irma (category 3) then shortly after decimated by Hurricane Maria (category 5). The second hurricane left 95% of the island without power, water and killing at least 10 people. With communication lines down and roads distroyed it has been nearly impossible to get much needed supplies from the port to areas in need. For every microblade booked in October, Kara donated $100 resulting in an undisclosed amount.

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Periwinkle Foundation

Through a partnership with Sephora Rice Village Houston, Kara was able to participate by providing children battling cancer and other life threatening illnesses from 2013-2015 teaching basic makeup and brow techniques that can make young ladies feel a little spoiled while they are fighting for their lives or just trying to look like their schoolmates.

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Hurricane Harvey Pet Relief Efforts

In 2017 Houston was hit by the worst hurricane to make landfall since 2005. Harvey dumped more than 40 inches of rain over 4 days resulting in floods that displaced more than 30,000 people. With damage of over $70 billion the relief efforts are far from over. Austin Pets Alive rescued over 3,000 pets and continue to care for more than 2,000. Houston SPCA took in over 300 pets and allowed owners to visit regularly since most shelters did not allow them to stay together. We raised $800 in donating the deposit from each microblading over two days.

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Various Animal Rescue Groups

Kara (and her dog Maverick) work with various groups ranging from SPCA Orlando, Houston and Austin Pets Alive raising money, volunteering and supporting where the greatest needs are. She also visits the Gentle Barn in CA where animals of all genres are taken/rescued and given a wonderful home to live out the rest of their lives safe from abuse, malnutrition and harsh circumtances.

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New Milestones Foundation

This charity focuses on mental health issues of all ages, providing care and housing in our Austin community. Kara donates her services as raffle prizes to raise money for New Milestones.

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Austin Pets Alive!

For Christmas 2018 we are currently accepting donations for our fur friends staying at APA before they find their forever families. In exchange for every $30+ donation, Kara is giving a FREE Brow Shaping ($65) in the month of January.